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25th European Vascular Course (ID nummer: 444721)
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The 25th European Vascular Course is, taking place on March 6-8 2022  in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The European Cardiovascular Course (ECC) is organized back-to-back with EVC and addresses ascending aorta and aortic arch pathologies.
The UEMS Board of Vascular Surgery will organize the European vascular surgery examinations at EVC on Saturday, March 5.

The main goal of EVC is to provide theoretical and practical education, offering participants the most recent knowledge on arterial, venous, cardiovascular and vascular access subjects.
Supplementary to the invited lectures and edited videos, we organize more than 250 training workshops on surgical anatomy, diagnostics, medical management, decision-making, simulation, team training, open and endovascular techniques and scientific writing.

Moreover, challenging case discussions in small groups allow you to share your views and experience with the experts in the field.

Moreover, motivated by the successful on-line training event last March, we will build high-tech studios for selected workshops in which remote delegates can participate with digital seats as well. 

Arterial program 
• 30 invited lectures on arterial subjects 
• Edited video’s on surgical and endovascular techniques 
• Workshops on carotid, aortic and peripheral endovascular and surgical procedures 
• Case discussions on carotid, peripheral and aortic subjects 
• Master class on scientific writing 
• Anastomotic master class 

Vascular Access program 
• 26 invited lectures on vascular access subjects 
• New workshops including hands-on training stations and case-based discussions on a basic and advanced level 
• Edited video’s on open and percutaneous vascular access procedures 
• Vascular access master class on human cadaver models 
• Dialyses nurses session and workshops 

Venous program 
• 48 lectures on venous subjects 
• Workshops on Duplex, thrombolysis, thrombectomy, stenting, ablation, MRV, ulcer treatment and compression therapy 
• Edited video’s on venous procedures 
• Case based interactive discussions 
• ICC session

Cardiovascular program
• 25 invited lectures on aortic root, aortic valve, ascending aorta and aortic arch 
• Edited video’s on surgical and endovascular techniques 
• Case discussions on aortic root, ascending aorta and aortic arch pathologies 
• Workshops on TAVI, valve sparing, debranching, Bentall, arch repair and
frozen elephant techniques

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Until January 1, 2022
Physician €650,- ; Fellow €325,- ; Allied Health Professional €325,- Industry Professional €650,-
After January 1, 2022
Physician €795,- ; Fellow* €450,- ; Allied Health Professional €450,- ; Industry Professional €795,-
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LocatieMaastricht (NL) (Toon kaart)
European Vascular Course / European Cardiovascular Course - dag 112-06-202208:30 - 18:00
European Vascular Course / European Cardiovascular Course - dag 213-06-202208:30 - 18:00
European Vascular Course / European Cardiovascular Course - dag 314-06-202208:30 - 13:00

De stichting is opgericht met het oog op het organiseren van internationale bijeenkomsten gericht op onderwijs, opleiding en andere vormen van kennisuitbreiding, rond thema's op het gebied van Vaatchirurgie

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