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SMARTEDUCATION : The Athletic Hip and Groin – Enda King (ID nummer: 412912)
Cursus met (fysieke) bijeenkomst(en)/ alleen accreditatie voor totaal
CategorieGeaccrediteerde puntenAccreditatieperiode
Algemeen kinesitherapeutisch2411-3-2021 t/m 31-12-2021

The course will discuss the challenges relating to differential diagnosis of the athletic hip and groin and identifying the biomechanical factors that contribute to much of the pain and dysfunction in the area.

The course will cover:

  • Differential Diagnosis of Hip and Groin Pathology
  • Pathomechanics of Hip and Groin Pain
  • Rehabilitation strategies
  • Linear Running Mechanics and Groin Pain
  • Multidirectional Mechanics and Groin Pain
  • RTP decision making and injury prevention

The learning objectives :

i) Accurate Differential Diagnosis and ability to clinically reason multiple symptom sources.
ii) Understand the interaction of hip morphology with groin pain and differentiate symptomatic pathology from normal findings.
iii) Understand the factors that drive Athletic groin pain and how to construct a rehabilitation programme focused on the drivers not the anatomical diagnosis.
iv) Develop exercise prescription and coaching skills to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation programmes.
v) Develop skills in the examination of high level sports specific activities such as sprinting and change of direction and understand their performance and influence on athletic groin pain.

Deze 2-daagse is een uitgebreide versie van de 1-daagse opleiding die in 2016 werd georganiseerd. Er wordt dieper ingegaan op diverse topics en er is meer ruimte voor praktijk en oefentherapie.

Doelgroep van de cursus : Kinesitherapeuten, sportkinesitherapeuten, manueel therapeuten, osteopaten en artsen.

Inbegrepen : Syllabus, warme maaltijd en koffiepauzes.

Enda King (MSc) has over 10 years experience working as a Sportsenda king picture Physiotherapist with athletes and coaches across a spectrum of sports and disciplines. Currently he is Head of Performance Rehabilitation with Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin, Ireland. He has worked with athletes across a wide variety of disciplines including rugby, soccer, AFL, NFL, UFC, boxing, jump jockeys and GAA. His greatest areas of expertise lies within hip and groin related, as well as knee / ACL rehabilitation, and he is committed to performing innovative research to develop robust methods for injury prevention and rehabilitation in elite sport. He carried out his MSc in Manipulative Therapy in Curtin University Perth Australia and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Currently working on his PhD (3D Biomechanics after ACL Reconstruction) through University of Roehampton in London, Enda combines the use of 3D biomechanics and high-level residential rehabilitation to optimize performance and an efficient recovery after injury. He has also published a number of papers and book chapters on Athletic Groin Pain with colleagues Dr. Andy Franklyn Miller and Dr Eanna Falvey as part of their groin research group at SSC.
Tijd09:00 - 17:00
LocatieLeuven (BE) (Toon kaart)

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