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SMARTEDUCATION: ACL Rehab and Return-To-Play Decision making – Enda King (ID nummer: 412466)
Cursus met (fysieke) bijeenkomst(en)/ alleen accreditatie voor totaal
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Algemeen kinesitherapeutisch2425-1-2021 t/m 31-12-2021

As a physio you build a strong relationship with every patient who has to go through an ACL rehabilitation. You’re there for her/him every step of the way. So you better know everything there is to know, starting from rupture and surgery to return to sport.
This course will discuss the challenges relating to the rehabilitation of athletes after ACL reconstruction and the use of biomechanics to improve the rehabilitation process and provide accurate data to assist in return-to-play (RTP) decision making. It includes loads of practical stuff, that can be used immediately in your professional setting.

The course will cover:

– What are the challenges in rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction
– Pathomechanics of ACL injury
– Graft Healing & RTP decision making after ACL reconstruction
– Components of rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction
– Strength and Power development
– Linear Running and Change of directional mechanics after ACL reconstruction
– How to navigate the route from RTP to return to performance

The learning objectives :

– Understand the key milestones for graft healing after ACL reconstruction
– Understand all the components that make a successful return after ACL reconstruction and identify the factors that influence them
– Understand the mechanism of injury of ACL and how biomechanics and rehabilitation can influence re-injury risk
– Identify all the factors that need to be assessed and addressed throughout ACL rehabilitation and how they interact with and influence each other.
– Understand the influence of exercise selection and coaching on outcomes during ACL rehabilitation
– Identify deficits in linear running and change of direction mechanics after ACL reconstruction that will negatively affect outcomes and be able to select and coach drills to modify those deficits
– Understand all the factors that influence a return to performance after ACL reconstruction be able to guide your athlete along that journey

Doelgroep van de cursus :Kinesitherapeuten, sportkinesitherapeuten, manueel therapeuten, osteopaten en artsen.

Inbegrepen : Syllabus, warme maaltijd en koffiepauzes.

Enda King (PhD) is Head of Performance Rehabilitation with Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin, Ireland. His role focuses on combining the use of 3D biomechanics and individualised high-level residential rehabilitation to optimize recovery from injury and enhance athletic performance. He has worked with athletes across a wide variety of disciplines including rugby, football, AFL, NFL, UFC, boxing, horse racing and GAA. His greatest areas of expertise lie within knee/ACL rehabilitation as well as athletic hip and groin pain and is widely published in peer reviewed journals in both areas. Enda has recently completed his PhD on the use if 3D biomechanics in ACL rehabilitation through the University of Roehampton, London and will share much of his new research and clinical developments on this course.
Tijd09:00 - 17:00
LocatieGent (BE) (Toon kaart)

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