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Mick Hughes: Anterior cruciate ligament workshop (ID nummer: 407658)
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Algemeen kinesitherapeutisch2419-9-2020 t/m 31-12-2020

The 2-days workshop will include both theory and practical components and will cover a range of topics, including:

– ACL injury overview: Mechanisms/Incidence etc – lecture

– Injury prevention programs – practical

– Nonoperative treatment options – lecture

– Benefits of pre-op physio lecture and practical session going through evidence-based pre-op protocol

– Surgical options

– Post-op rehab guidelines & post-op rehab exercise practical – commonly used exercises in the first 3 months

– Return to running assessment and practical

– Return to sport assessment and testing – what should this phase include and practical component (60mins)

– Final summary and Q&A

My name is Mick Hughes and I am a Physiotherapist many years experience working in private practice sports physiotherapy clinics.

During this time I have worked with elite junior sporting teams such as the NQ Cowboys U20s rugby league team and the Newcastle Jets National Youth League and Emerging Jets Academy soccer teams.

In addition to my physiotherapy degree, I have also completed a degree in exercise science and am halfway through completing a post-graduate masters in sports physiotherapy. As a result I have a unique skill-set that allows me to accurately diagnose a patient with an acute injury and rehabilitate them all the way back to high performance.

Clinically, I am happy to treat all patients, of all ages, with all musculo-skeletal complaints. I do however have a special interest in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, in particular injuries sustained in the adolescent age group to the lumbar spine and the lower limb. For example:

– Acute knee injuries (eg. ACL, MCL, meniscus, patella dislocations)
– Overuse knee injuries (eg. PFJ pain),
– Stress-related injuries (eg. Stress fractures to lumbar spine and shin)
– Apophysitis injuries (eg. Sever’s and Osgood Schlatters)

In addition to this I have a very good understanding of injury prevention strategies, biomechanical analysis, load management education, and resistance training programming in this age group. Finally I also have a very good understanding of lower limb tendinopathy treatment and management of lower limb osteoarthritis in the adult populations.

Overall, I think my approach to physiotherapy is quite unique in that I combine my clinical assessment and diagnostic skills as a physiotherapist, and combine it with my skill-set in tailoring exercise programs to the patient’s injury for optimal short term and long term improvements in pain and function. As a result, I spend as little time possible using passive forms of treatment, and instead try to promote active treatment strategies to my patients for what I personally believe results in superior and sustained long term improvements in pain and function.
Tijd09:00 - 17:00
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