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Algemene scholing cluster 1,2 en 364-3-2020 t/m 3-3-2021

TNO and the LUMC, together with partners, have started the Netherlands Innovation Center for Lifestyle Medicine NILG. Our present healthcare system is not equipped for the challenges of today and the future, therefore we want to drive a system change towards lifestyle interventions playing their part in the cure and care of noncommunicable diseases. After TNO-LUMC’s successful first annual conference on lifestyle medicine last year with the focus on Type 2 Diabetes we will again, this year, take a deep-dive in the latest developments in lifestyle medicine. In 2018 our main focus was cardiovascular disease. This 3rd conference takes an empowerment approach to lifestyle support. This implies that all contributions demonstrate a person-centered, collaborative approach to lifestyle medicine, that helps people with a chronic disease to determine and develop their capacity to be responsible for their own life and health. An excellent line-up of (inter)national invited faculty will showcase innovative viewpoints, approaches and call to action for Person empowered lifestyle medicine, in which each patient feels enabled and adequately supported to take the lead in his/her own health. Speakers will be (former)patients and their spouses, health professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs.

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Participation: € 299,- p.p. (excl. 21% VAT).

Doctors in training: € 249,-

Dieticians and lifestyle coaches: € 249,-

Students: € 99,- (limited seats available)

Press: € 99,- (limited seats available)
Tijd9:00 - 18:00
LocatieDen Haag (NL) (Toon kaart)

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Amersfoortsestraat 109 A
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