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Basic EuSim Instructor Course (ID nummer: 375237)
Nascholing met (fysieke) bijeenkomst(en)/ accreditatie voor totaal
CategorieGeaccrediteerde puntenAccreditatieperiode
Algemene scholing cluster 2 en 31820-11-2019 t/m 19-11-2020

A co-operation between the simulation centres in
Copenhagen, London and Tuebingen. Hosted in and co-conducted with METS Center, the Netherlands

Different centres and perspectives – valuable learning 
This time hosted in Bilthoven, Utrecht, the Netherlands
For the seventh time we offer this special course - uniquely combining the expertise of different simulation centres and experienced multi-disciplinary instructors (physicians, nurses, paramedics,
medical educators, and a psychologist). The course provides a mixture of theory and practice and emphasizes feedback relevant for learning in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. Participants work in small groups with close instructor interaction. The course language is English, requiring being able to take part in conversations. Restrictions in the number of participants: minimum 12 participants, maximum 30 participants.
Target Group: Health care professionals who want to use simulators and simulations for teaching
Course goal: Enabling participants to start running simulation-based courses for acute care medicine
addressing issues of crisis resource management (CRM)
Contents: Familiarizing participants with the simulator and simulation environment
Designing and running scenarios
Debriefing (structures, difficulties, video use, annotation systems)
Errors in medicine and patient safety
Principles of adult learning
Course design
Roles of the simulator instructor
Methods: Experience, practice and feedback
Theory inputs
Hands-on workshops
Structured reflections

Faculty Experienced Instructors from the simulation centres in Copenhagen, Denmark (DIMS), Tuebingen, Germany (TuPASS), London, UK (BARTS), Amsterdam (ADAM) and Bilthoven, The Netherlands (METS Center)


(Meerdaagse) Nascholing
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Tijd08:00 - 20:00
LocatieBilthoven (NL) (Toon kaart)

Tijd08:00 - 20:00
LocatieBilthoven (NL) (Toon kaart)

Tijd08:00 - 20:00
LocatieBilthoven (NL) (Toon kaart)

Medisch training en simulatie centrum nederland. Vaardigheidsonderwijs, simulatieonderwijs en scenario training in de spoedzorg.

Rembrandtlaan 1c Bilthoven
3723 BG
Postbus 392
3720 AJ
030 7551000
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