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Long-term follow-up DBS patients (ID nummer: 368493)
Nascholing met (fysieke) bijeenkomst(en)/ accreditatie voor totaal
CategorieGeaccrediteerde puntenAccreditatieperiode
Algemene scholing cluster 2129-9-2019 t/m 8-9-2020

DBS for Movement Disorders

  • Long term follow-up and patient management
  • complex case discussion
  • live surgery
  • observation in OR
  • procedure planning observation
  • programming discussion 

with multidisciplinary teams of neurologist, neurosurgeon, DBS nurse.

(Meerdaagse) Nascholing
Tijd9:00 - 16:00
LocatieAmsterdam (NL) (Toon kaart)

ECMT is an independent non-profit organization, founded in 1995, by a group of physicians for the education of physicians.

Our main objective is to organize high level medical training courses with special attention to continuity, focusing on:

- Chronic Pain;
- Deep Brain Stimulation;
- Severe Spasticity;
- Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions.

ECMT brings together the European Key Opinion Leaders on specific treatment to teach the attendees on a theoretical as well as on a practical level and to eventually support them in their daily practice.

ECMT cannot function without an educational grant from the industry, although ECMT will guarantee its independence by applying financial resources to organize advanced training courses on different medical topics on an ethical and deontological basis

ECMT Curriculum:
- Phase I: ex cathedra congresses or symposia, cadaver courses
- Phase II: on-site trainings
- Phase III: on-site support for interventions; On-site support for starting centers (centers who followed phase I or II training)
- Effective practice management course
- Creating a group of physicians in different fields who are willing to accept visitors for training
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